Calculate and help you to navigate your way back to the location your vehicle was parked!

An alert is triggered on your smartphone to remind you to save the car location where your car is parked

We are busy People, always on the move. How nice to have an app that would take care of the little things. With this app, my car is in good hands. – Tyrone Lopez, MD, Metro Parking (S) P/L


Locate My Lot captures your parking lot level and location instantly, at the click of a button!

  • Triggers an alert to remind you to save your location
  • Turn on your Bluetooth and "Check In"
  • Capture your parking lot with our camera feature

Save time!

Locate My Lot ensures that your vehicle can be located within minutes!

  • Navigate your way back to your vehicle by following the path shown on the app
  • Park your vehicle with peace of mind
  • "Check Out" once you have returned to your vehicle

It's all that you need!

Locate My Lot the complete package as it includes the necessary features for your parking convenience.

  • Share your vehicle's location with friends
  • Use the parking timer to set a time to leave the carpark
  • Check the various locations that you have parked in your "Check In History"

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  • Locate your vehicle in the carpark with ease
  • Set your desired parking duration and other reminders


  • Install our beacons in your carpark
  • Interact and engage with your customers
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Have more questions?

Want to know more about Locate My Lot?
Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions!

  • What is Locate My Lot?

    Locate My Lot is an app that helps you to remember and memorize your way back to your vehicle once you have saved the location upon parking.

  • Where can I use Locate My Lot?

    Currently, Locate My Lot can be used at Amara Hotel Singapore and Raffles Medical Holland Village. We are hoping to reach nationwide by the end of 2017.

  • When will I be able to use Locate My Lot?

    We are launching both iOS and Android versions of the app in their respective stores by the end of August 2016.

  • Why should I use Locate My Lot?

    Ever gotten lost trying to find your vehicle? Or just could not remember where you had parked? With Locate My Lot, you do not have to worry or panic about locating your vehicle anymore! With a few clicks, your vehicle’s location can be captured using the app and navigating back afterwards becomes a breeze!

  • How does it work?

    When you enter the carpark, an alert is triggered on your smartphone, reminding you to save the location of where your vehicle is parked at. The app will calculate and help you to navigate your way back when you wish to return to your vehicle. A parking timer and a reminder function are some of the added features of the app.

Locate my Lot

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